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Digital Marquee Campaign

From the creation of the BBF, the Marketing Committee identified the need for a prominent Digital Marquee along Highway 60 as one of the most important items needed to promote our excellent community schools to the passing public.  Since the Spring of 2018; information, artwork and pricing have been gathered from vendors for review and consideration.  Sites near the school have been considered and discussions with  property owners have occurred to secure a location for the signage.  Many discussions have taken place with INDOT and local officials in preparing for the approval of the installation of this marquee.  The BBF Board recently formally identified the funding of the Digital Marquee as a top priority.  The BBF is organizing this as a Capital Campaign Project and the board has approved funding the first $5,000 of this $35,000 project to show commitment to the completion of this project.  Thank you to our BBF members and contributors for your financial support to allow the board to commit these initial funds.  We are now looking to corporate sponsors and private contributors to fund the remainder of this important school project.  I encourage you to read the statements below from our school principals regarding this project.  The board is very passionate about this project and its completion.  If you have any questions or recommendations, please feel free to contact Jamie Martin for specifics on this project.        

Capital Campaign Status


Help to bring this project to reality by donating to the capital campaign.  

“This marquee will help promote our school by using modern technology to display up-to-date information pertaining to Borden Schools.  The size, design and location of the marquee will draw attention to our facility and it’s many great qualities, staff and students.  This state-of-the-art technology will add to the landscape of our community.”  – Toby Cheatham, Assistant Principal and BHS Athletic Director

The marquee is vital to the continued branding and marketing of Borden Schools.  It is necessary for the promotion of academic, athletic, and co-curricular successes.  It also offers great aesthetic value to our community.” – Charlie Gardner, Principal, Borden High School

“Communication and outreach is a very important component for a successful school. A digital marquee would help the Borden Campus supplement and enhance traditional means of communication with students, parents, and community members. Content would be up to date, relevant, and displayed both day and night.” – Lisa Hawkins, Principal, Borden Elementary School

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