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About the Borden Braves Foundation

BBF Year in Review!

Come Discover Borden Schools

Come Discover Borden Schools


News and Current Events:

We are excited to announce the capital campaign for a new Digital Marquee for our school.  This project makes for an exciting time to get involved with the foundation. Please make sure you check out the page to learn more about the project and how you can support the campaign.



Video Scorer Table / Lobby Signage 

The Foundation recently completed one of our project goals for CY 2019.  The video scorer’s table will be utilized to showcase the technology and innovation at Borden Schools.  There will be up to four paid for advertisements that will be split between the Foundation general fund and the athletic booster club fund for years to come with pay back off our investment in less than two years!!  The board will include the Foundation as well as key information on the schools (running the “A” rated school for both BES and BHS).  The amount of views from the public in the gym is our biggest area to showcase our achievements.  In addition the high school gym and aux gym has two new video displays installed as well as a new high definition feed to the group presentation room to showcase our school.

Thank you to our members for supporting this important project!




Our mission:

To support our Borden Elementary, Jr. and Sr. High school by providing resources for building brand awareness, mentoring, alumni services, and scholastic support services.

Our 2019 Goals:

  • Membership enrollment of 200 people by end of 2019 calendar year
  • Continued Branding and Marketing Borden Schools
  •  Enrollment growth of 20 students K-12.
  • Digital Marquee Installation Completed along Highway 60
  • Alumni Mentoring Services Full Implementation
  • Borden Braves Foundation Scholarship funded ($5k award/$5k endowment)
  • Professional Development Fund 
  • Video Scorer Table/Signage
  • School special programs fund.


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The BBF will be working with the Borden Elementary and High School to produce videos showcasing alumni, students, athletics and other school functions as part of our branding campaign centered around the hash-tag campaign.  This video was put together by High School Students Hayden Smith and Cruz Martin.

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