PO Box 251, Borden, IN 47106 bbf@bordenbravesfoundation.com

The Borden Braves Foundation works tirelessly to support our Borden Elementary Junior and Senior High Schools. We provide resources for building brand awareness, mentoring and alumni services, and Scholastic & Academic Support Services. The Foundation also provides scholarships to further education for our students.

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Our Mission:

The Borden Braves Foundation exists to support and provide meaningful experiences and resources for the students, faculty and community of Borden Schools.


Our Vision:

The vision of the Borden Braves Foundation is to assist in shaping the future of our students by providing resources for scholastic services, scholarships and building brand awareness.


Our 2023 Goals:

  • Membership enrollment of 300 people by end of 2023 calendar year
  • Continue social media blitz for branding of Borden Schools
  • Enrollment growth for K-12
  • STEAM Funding initiatives
  • Borden Braves Foundation Scholarship funding of $80k
  • Focus on teacher and classroom support
  • School special programs fund
  • Increased community involvement


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