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My Personal Brave Journey

Stephanie Metcalf, Class of 2010

Doctoral Candidate, University of Louisville School of Medicine

I moved to Borden from a large school in North Carolina midway through my freshman year. I walked into the building for the first time as the “shy, new kid” who knew only four people, three of whom I was related to. I was missing my old friends, I was experiencing culture shock, but mostly I was scared I wasn’t going to make new friends. Looking back, those fears were unwarranted. I walked out of school that same day with togethertons of new friends. Within a month, I knew the name of every person in my class and most the students in the other classes. The relationships that I formed on that very first day have led to some of my best friendships. Even the casual friendships from high school afford many opportunities to stop and catch-up. Borden is a tight-knit community that welcomes newcomers with open arms. You may enter a stranger, but you will leave a friend.

Friendships and community are not the only things Borden has to offer. I received an excellent education from extremely talented educators. The teachers at Borden are so apmuch more than educators. They truly care about their students and want to see them succeed both academically and in life. Borden provides a variety of advanced classes with electives covering a broad range of topics. For example, I was able to take two advanced placement classes, three dual credit classes, advanced math and science courses, introduction to 3D art, and Journalism. The class offerings are crucial to the success of any high school student. Many schools can boast about their class offerings but what I found unique to Borden is the caring nature of the teachers. They are driven to go above and beyond the call of duty. I am sure any Borden graduate could share hundreds of stories.

I would like to share three personal experiences. Mr. Price, who was my teacher for Journalism, is without a doubt a teacher that does everything in his power to extract the best out of his students. He pushed me harder than any teacher I have ever had. There were times I was not his biggest fan, but due to his desire to see me succeed, I became a better writer. I became the youngest newspaper editor he had ever allowed. Mr. Price’s constant push for success, gave me the skills and opportunity to be published in my college newspaper over some journalism majors.

My next story is about Mr. Rademacher, who I had for most of my math classes, specifically AP Calculus. My senior year proved challenging due to some health concerns.caring-1I had missed several days of class and upon my return, I found myself behind. Mr. Rademacher worked with me during his planning periods and after school to ensure I was back on track. Why is this significant? Because he didn’t have to do this, but he did, and I succeeded in his class as a result.

The last story I want to share is how a specific teacher wanted me to succeed outside the classroom. I had Mr. Shauver for many science classes. We shared similar personal beliefs that went beyond school. As opportunities arose we would discuss different aspects of those beliefs. Once I decided to pursue science as a career field, I sought his advice on how to manage course teachings versus my beliefs. He was more than willing to share his personal experiences and offer advice on the pros and cons of different graduate school programs. Again, in typical Borden teacher fashion, Mr. Shauver went above and beyond to help me succeed even though I was no longer his student. While these are a few of my personal examples, I am certain many students could share similar experiences.

My Borden story doesn’t stop with academics though. Borden offers numerous extra-curricular activities, spanning athletics, service, and academics. I was personally involved with the yearbook, newspaper, S.H.Out (a community service club), National extraHonor Society, peer mentoring, and Campus Life. Additionally I was a member of the Lady Braves golf team and served as manager for the volleyball team, girls basketball team, and the track team. I list all of these not to brag on my high school accomplishments but to demonstrate the breadth of opportunities for involvement at Borden. My participation in all of these activities would likely have not happened at a school other than Borden. The impact from these activities extends far beyond high school. My golf experience still affords me the opportunity for leisure time with family and friends. I learned invaluable time management and organizational skills from managing the different sports teams and I was given my first public speaking opportunity through Campus Life, which became a vital skill in college.

I will forever consider my time at Borden nothing short of amazing and a big part of who I am today! The community atmosphere of Borden and the connection with not only my classmates but those before and after me truly embodies #OnceABraveAlwaysABrave. The talented teachers who go above and beyond what is required of them is just one way #BordenINspires. Lastly, the variety of activities offered at Borden made me a well-rounded student that was able to thrive after high school. I am so grateful to have attended Borden. I know that every trip from my house in Sellersburg to school in Borden was #SoWorthTheDrive.

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