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How will we tell our story?

Will 2020 be a year to forget or a year to remember? Will all we ever think of when, we look back on this year, is the COVID-19 Virus? What and how will one of the biggest epidemics of our lifetime be remembered?

The story is yet to be told, but we all are writing it now. We will all be cast-members of this story that will be told by generations to come. There are very few that were alive during the great depression. However, most all of us know of the trials and tribulations of that time, by the stories our grandparents told to us. Not at all comparing the two, but this will be our generations story that we will tell.

What character will you play? We are going on @ week 3 of a State of Emergency in the US. What have you done during this time of “seclusion”? Life has no doubt slowed down for many (if you aren’t a health-care worker). I see stories of togetherness, family time, spending time outdoors enjoying the weather, but we also see stories of loneliness, desperation and no doubt worse. We as the Borden Community, need to come together (in a spiritual sense) to ensure that we all get through this together. We need to help those that are lonely. Pick up the phone and call your neighbor, call those that you know that live alone. Isolation doesn’t have to mean you are alone.

To our healthcare workers, God Bless You! I have more respect for anyone in healthcare than I have ever had, we support and love you. We also pray for your safety. If you have a neighbor that is on the front line, PLEASE do what you can for them. Mow their grass, send a meal, clean up their landscape. Do all of this safely!

Be the Peter Pan of the modern day and give love, kindness, compassion and sympathy to those that need a pick me up moment. Don’t take for granted because you are surrounded by your family (that live in your home) that others have the same. If you can send a meal over to someone, by all means do so – small acts of kindness will make someones day.

I feel for our senior class, I wrote about this the other day on the FB page. But imagine being in their shoes, my proudest year was when my oldest (Makenzie) was a senior, we didn’t miss a thing that year. Every sport, every event, everything she was involved with we were there. But to the class of 2020, know that you have your time ahead of you. I make a promise to you, we will celebrate your senior year! As a Community we will join you and be there for you as time moves forward. Will it be different, no doubt, we can’t replace what you may have missed, but we can celebrate in a different way. Stay focused, don’t cry over what you can not control, no one wanted this for any of us.

This epidemic will pass, and when it does, we will all be stronger together. We will regain everything that we have lost during this time. We will celebrate again, together. Until that day, be the character that you want to be portrayed in the story to be told. Love each other, celebrate each other and watch out for each other.

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