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Why Join the Borden Braves Foundation

Why did we start this Foundation?

We all know the situation that our school board is involved with at this time and while that wasn’t the primary driver, I believe that propelled our decision to finally move forward.  Borden Schools (K-12) needs to grow—period.  We need to set ourselves up for the future, whatever that future may hold.  The enrollment numbers drive the revenue needed to operate and maintain our school and frankly the numbers are not where they should and or could be.  Borden Schools in my opinion is one of the best kept secrets in Southern Indiana, particularly as it pertains to education.  Just look at the facts presented below:

  • 2017 Ranked 56th in State by US News & World Report (NO other school any where close ranked higher!)champ
  • 93% Graduation Rate—above State Average
  • 90% of 2017 Grad’s attended some form of post secondary education (3% entered armed forces and 7% entered directly into the workforce).
  • Two Athletic State Championships in the past 5 years
  • 2 Semi-State, 4 Regional, and 30 Sectional Championships

The primary driver behind forming this Foundation was to establish a method to brand our school; tell the story, get the message out and bring kids and families to Borden Schools.  We started a branding campaign back in early April and quickly realized we needed to do more.

In forming this Foundation we wanted more, we want to build our schools for the future as well as ensure this Foundation remains solvent well into the future.  We have established the following goals for our inaugural year:

Our 2018/2019 Goals

  • Membership enrollment of 300 members by end of 2018 calendar year
  • Brtargetanding and Marketing Borden Schools
  • Billboard on Highway 60, Mass Marketing Mail Campaign, Social Media Blasts, Video Production of Telling the #Story
  • Alumni Mentoring Services
  • Borden Braves Foundation Scholarship Available – goal of $3,000 available by end of 2018/2019 school year
  • Establish Athletic Booster Club to fund specific projects/requests
  • Alumni Gala/Event at First Annual Meeting in September

What do we need from you, our supporters?

We need you to join as a member of the Foundation.  You can find all the information at our join the foundation page link below.  We look forward to having you join and shape the future of our school and community!

Join the Braves!


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