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How Can I Get Involved?

How Can I Get Involved?

This Foundation is a member driven organization, meaning that our primary funds are driven by our membership dues.  We need members that want to contribute by any of the following ways:


Time – As a member you will have the opportunity to serve on one of many committees to shape the direction of that particular committee’s goals.  We need you as members to work with the community and the school to ensure the success of our programs and the future of our students.


Talent – What talent do you have that can assist the Foundation in our many areas of focus?  Are you good at planning events?  What about guidance and mentoring back to our students?  Are you an exceptional leader?  How about marketing skill and or graphic design skills?  We need you as members to work with our team in all these areas.

treasureTreasure – Maybe you don’t have the time to give us your talent.  We need treasure, no not your jewelry or you collectibles, we need your money.  Why not just come out and say it, this is a Foundation with big goals and programs all of which cost big $$$$.  To date we have spent nearly $5,000 just in marketing and we haven’t been formed even a month and we are just getting started.  We need you as members to help finance our goals and programs moving forward.

As members, the following are our active committees that need your efforts and participation:

  • Public Relations & Marketing Committee
  • Membership & Alumni CommitteeJoin_20Today_20clipart
  • Scholarship and Awards Committee
  • Athletic Booster Club Committee
  • Event Planning Committee

What’s Next?

Join today!!  Go to the Join the Braves Tab or click here and submit your membership now.  Join the Braves!

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