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When we first decided to move to Sellersburg, we originally thought our kids would be going Silver Creek schools, a much closer drive for us as we are only 4 miles from there and about 12 miles from Borden.  Initially we were disappointed that we would have to make the long drive to Borden, but little did we know how this precious gem of a school would shape our children and our lives.  We quickly found out that Bordendrive schools were definitely #soworththedrive. Moving from Tennessee, we had a 1st grader that was moving in the middle of the school year that was tremendously afraid of changing schools. He was welcomed immediately by not only his teacher but also his cheerful classmates.  One classmate even wrote a very sweet letter to welcome him.  We were extremely impressed with how welcoming everyone at the school was. When I was a child, my family moved frequently; so I have certainly had my share of experiences going to a new school and can attest that this is not something one normally sees at a bigger school corporation.  Bigger is not always better, nor is a shorter drive.

Since then our children have attended Borden schools for over 9½ years and we have learned so much more about why Borden Schools is #soworththedrive.  Most definitely we love the smaller size of Borden.  The size allows for a more personal & family compassionculture.  We know our children are not just a number.  The teachers and staff at Borden strive every day to help ALL students. It shows on a daily basis how much the teachers care about our kids and their education.  As a result, Borden students show a great amount of respect and compassion for each other, the staff, and their community.  Borden has the heart of a small school and the vision of the big schools.  I see students, teachers and staff working hard every day to do their best and continue to grow and improve.  In fact, one of the things we love the most about Borden is that everyone is always looking out for one another, thus making the whole Borden School community feel as if we are one big family.  Our children are not only getting a great education but also learning how to be good people that will contribute many great things to our society.  It may take a few extra minutes to get to Borden for some folks, but trust me… it is #soworththedrive.

The community support is amazing and is one of the reasons I decided to join the Borden Braves Foundation. Borden schools have done so much for our children and we feel that we need to do our part in supporting these wonderful schools. Since we live in a subdivision that has a choice to go to either Silver Creek or Borden I definitely feel a need to get the word out about how Borden is genuinely like “A Community School Providing a Private Education Experience.  I hope by being a part of this Foundation I can play the part of getting this word out and remind families that the distJoin_20Today_20clipartance they have to drive to be a part of something really special is minuscule compared to the life-long impact a school and community can have on their children.  The Foundation has some great plans to give back to our school including scholarships, mentoring our children, helping with scholastic and athletic needs. I urge you to give back to the school and community by joining the BBF.  I assure you that the Borden Schools represent a valued and treasured opportunity right here and we want to encourage enthusiasm and community engagement so that Borden Schools can continue to grow and thrive!


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