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A Family’s Story

familyI recently volunteered to write a blog post for the Borden Braves Foundation and my ideas included writing about the re-launch of the Borden Booster Club, discussion of our Scholarship Committee, or a Membership Drive.  That is until it became abundantly clear to me what my message had to be.

The Borden High School community recently suffered a loss.  A major loss that can only be overcome with time, but something his family and we will never completely overcome.  In this loss, I saw teachers, former teachers, students, former students, and Borden community members flock to pay tribute to a member of our community and our family.

On July 9th, the Borden High School community lost Mr. Jerry Lizenby, after a battle with cancer.  Mripr. Lizenby was a former teacher, coach, mentor, friend to so many, and a valuable community member.  Mr. Lizenby gave 33 years of his 68 year life to our youth, after serving for six years in the Scottsburg Police Department.  Thirty-three years of serving our students, families and community in such a way that was so genuine, honest and unforgettable.

I attended Jerry Lizenby’s funeral and that is where I realized I had to write about his impact on our community, and in turn the respect and admiration we showed to him and his family.

The inspirational words that I heard at the funeral, and days after his passing, that motivated me to write this blog post were made by Borden teachers and former teachers Togethernessthat worked alongside Mr. Lizenby.  Words and phrases that were used to describe the atmosphere at Borden High School that Mr. Lizenby helped to create included; Togetherness, Student interaction, Knowing our students and families, Support of each other in what needs to be done for the students and fellow teachers.  Then my wife nails it, Adandra says, “What made Borden High School so special was the teachers were a family first that we were then welcomed into and made to feel a part of their family.”  That was it, in one sentence.

What makes our Borden community school special is it’s a family.  The caring, nurturing, coaching, mentoring, challenging that most family’s maneuver as children are reared and raised; was and is there in Borden High School.  THIS is what the Borden Braves Foundation is motivated to save for future Borden generations.  THIS is what the Borden Bravelizenbys Foundation plans to share to grow our school and community.  All children should be educated in a caring family atmosphere.  Our Borden school family is not always perfect as any family isn’t, but there was and always is love…you feel it.

Thank you, Mr. Lizenby for your years of service with a servant’s heart and Thank you for continuing to influence us and educate us.  You will be greatly missed and our love for you was and always will be there inside us…we feel it.

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One comment on “A Family’s Story

Jamie, Thank you for the very kind words. I’ve cried the whole time I read it because you hit it on the money. He loved Borden, the community and its students. He also loved his family and never swerved or strayed from that position. How I was so lucky to find this most wonderful man had to be God driven. He was amazing. I know in time things will hurt less and I will be able to see things without crying my eyes out. I just wanted you to know how much I appreciated this beautiful tribute.


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