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Safety in Small Schools…

As a former student, and now parent, I believe small schools, such as Borden, offer more safety than large “mega” schools.  I could quote statistics from many studies, but it is simply easier to maintain a secure environment and monitorsafe school behavior in a small school.  With this said, the teachers play a major role, by taking an interest in the students, getting to know them, their families and lifestyle.  In many cases of school violence, there were often missed signs due to the sheer number of students and not being able to know each one personally.

Now let’s talk about our small school…the students of Borden aren’t just numbers on a familydaily attendance roster, they are children, grandchildren, neighbors and friends. Not only the teachers, but also the lunch ladies, custodial staff and administrators know every child’s name.  In many ways, the school is a family that nurtures and cares for each other and the teaching staff recognize when a student is having personal issues and are quick to take an active role in identifying and resolving whatever is going on.

In addition to the safety of a smaller environment, schools the size of Borden, offer students opportunity to participate and feel a part of the school community, creating a bond and a sense of belonging. At the end of the day, everyone wants to be included, heard and valued, which are all things Borden offers daily.

School violence is more than shootings, it can be fighting, bullying, verbal abbullyuse of a teacher or vandalism.  I would place Borden’s statistics up against any of our neighboring larger schools.  While Borden isn’t perfect, it is perfect for our family.



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