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Thankful to Be a Brave!

I wanted to write about why I am thankful for the decisions that led to me being fortunate to graduate from BHS in 1989.  I started as a Brave in kindergarten, then for my elementary years I attended St Johns as a “Star”, as that was the path that most braveCatholics followed if you grew up in this area.  The natural progression was to have been back at Borden for 7th and 8th grade then end up back at the Catholic Private School.  My family, for the most part, had the succession in the same way and that was the path I was planned to take.  My older brother had moved in that path and was full in the midst of being at a private school when I was ready to make the transition. After my parents went through some turmoil with my older brother, we (I was a large part of that decision) made the decision for myself to stay at Borden High School.  It was the BEST decision I believe that we ever made together.

I grew up in a small school where “everybody knows your name”.  I had caring teachers that ccheersould tell if something was off and confront me in a loving yet stern manner.  I was provided an education that would rival that of any local school, large or small.  There was nothing that I needed in high school that I didn’t receive to bring me to my successes of today.

I have always lived near the same place that I grew up, I literally can look at my back door and see my childhood home still today.  I have been very fortunate in my career as a successful Account Manager for a Fortune 500 company for the past 20 years.  I haveearth.jpg traveled the Globe working with the best of the best in our industry.  I have continuously ranked in the top 10% of all account executives across a Global company that employees over 400,000 employees.  I am not telling this to brag (ok maybe a little), but more to bring to light that my successes can be traced directly back to the education that I received as a Brave.

I have one child that has already graduated from Borden as a #onceabravealwaysabrave as she entered and stayed K thru twelve.  Makenzie was well known for her Philanthropic work in the local community and she will tell you even today that she was inspired by one of her teachers in elementary school #BordenjagINspires.  She continued to be pushed and inspired by many more wonderful teachers and graduated in the top 10 percent of her class.  She now attends IUPUI entering her third semester of college well ahead of her scheduled completion due to the AP and Dual Credit classes she racked up at BHS.

My other two children, Hayden and Delaney (Sophomore and 8th Grade) are consistently top students and on path to follow in the family foot steps of successful Borden Alumni.

I could write for days on what Borden means to us as a family.  I am honored to serve as the Chairman of the Board and I sincerely mean that as it is a true honor.  Borden is the BEST in the area in so many ways, just compare our schools statistics.


I am ethank youxtremely excited about the future of our Community and our School as the future is bright.  Thank you to all current and former teachers and staff that continue to make Borden Schools the best of the best!

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